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Yash Sharma

For Beaumont City Councilor

Hello, I am Yash Sharma and I wish to be your Beaumont City Councilor.
I have years of experience working to convince businesses in opening offices/stores in the community I work for.

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A Vision For The Future

With your help we will strive to build the Beaumont of the future, together. We will work to bring new businesses to Beaumont and expand our commercial tax base. We will plan now for our future facilities to keep our taxes low for the next-gen.


Actionable Issues

  • Build up commercial Tax base by bringing new businesses.
  • Start a future building committee.
  • Diversify all aspects of our City. 



Yash has a Masters Degree in Chemistry and a Diploma in Marketing Management.
Since his days at University he has been actively involved in his community and that hasn’t changed since moving to Beaumont.

His community work has included:

  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Fundraising Events
  • Charity Shows
  • Senior Activities
  • Fundraised for Multicultural Center
  • Sahaita Sanstha of Canada
  • Work with Orphaned Kids
  • Worked with abandoned Seniors
  • Down Syndrome Society
  • Food Bank
  • Beaumont Community events committee
  • Canada Day & Cultural Days Sub-committees
  • Yash’s work experience includes:
  • Sales Account Manager
  • Business Recruitment Team member to attract large projects and investment attraction strategy for the community.
  • Started Asian Tribune newspaper
  • Producer TV show “Harmony” for South Asian TV
  • Certified Life Insurance/Investment Advisor

Yash is married with two daughters, one son, a grandson and the family dog named Rocco.

Yash is as solid as they come. I appreciate his direct approach to the issues and Beaumont would be well-served to elect him to their Council. I look forward to working with him in the region.

Mike Nickel

Edmonton City Mayor Candidate

Yash has proven to be very dedicated when assisting the causes and groups he works with. His connection to business leaders will be extremely valuable to the commercial growth of Beaumont.

Gill Poitras

Former Beaumont Councillor

I have known Yash Sharma for over a decade now. He is a dedicated and well-connected supporter of our community with a passion for reaching out to people from all walks of life as he is always looking for ways to support, strengthen and enrich our community. As a community volunteer and media person he consistently participates and contributes through his skill set to various city events.

Yash is very professional, approachable and knowledgeable . He involves his best self and commits to his task. What I appreciate most about him is that he is very respectful and has been a steadfast supporter of empowering women in our community. He is one of those passionate individuals who both cares deeply about their city and is willing to put in time and effort to make it a better place. I believe as a city council member he can put his skills and passion to work for the betterment of our city where we can all thrive, share and advance.
Anjana Babbar

Founder/Director, Jeevan Gopal Dance Academy

I have been watching, you have put in lots of efforts to persuade many entrepreneurs to invest in Beaumont city. You have made positive moves to invite cultural and entertainment set ups to organize events in Beaumont. You are relentlessly working to build up vibrant inclusive and strong Beaumont.

Mohan Gill